The Impact of Perception of Organizational Transfer Climate Factors and Trainees’ Characteristics on Training Transfer: The Context of Mergers & Acquisitions
Anjali Bansal, Mahima Thakur, PhD

This empirical investigation attempts to study the correlates of training transfer in the post-merger phase. Four Organizations (N= 123) were selected where merger or acquisition had taken place in the recent past and had undertaken intense training program for employees during the post merger phase. The results indicate that there is a strong relationship between the organizational as well as individual factors and training transfer. The structural path modeling was used to determine the fit of a mediated effects model of how the variables would affect training transfer. The emerging organizational climate correlates of effective training transfer were- perception of organizational justice, perception of integration synergy & perception of quality of training while the individual correlates were – Training Transfer Implementation Intentions and Psychological Empowerment. The data were subjected to a stepwise regression analysis and structural path modeling. The emerging predictors of training transfer were training transfer implementation intention and psychological empowerment. This study has implications for practitioners and academicians. It would help chalk out more effective frameworks of training during Mergers & Acquisitions.

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