International Trade and Environment: Impacts of the export-driven Soybean Production on the Biodiversity of the Brazilian Cerrado (1960-2005)
Fábio Albergaria de Queiroz, PhD

The complex relationship between free trade and environment is, nowadays, one of the most important issues found at the international affairs agenda. Much has been discussed, but few conclusive answers on the environmental impacts caused by free trade have been found. An accurate analysis on the issue will depend on the individual study of each case due to its peculiarities. In order to verify such assumption this paper has analyzed the impacts of the international trade of soybeans, Brazil’s most important commodity, on the biodiversity of the Cerrado Savanna, one of the most notable ecosystems on Earth. From that specific study it has been possible to verify the existence of a direct relationship between export-driven soybean production and the loss of biodiversity in that biome.

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