Honors Students’ Individual Attitude and Perception Towards Globalization and International Trade: A Case Study
Vishakha Maskey, Andrew Simmons

The main objective of this research was to explore how honors students at one of the prominent universities in China perceived globalization. The paper utilized survey questionnaires to collect information regarding attitude, behavior and perception towards globalization. The data was managed in excel spreadsheet and analyzed using SPSS software. Empirical finding provides information regarding how students living in the area most impacted by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) perceive globalization. It suggests majority of students have positive overall attitude and perception towards globalization, however, considers that it has some negative environmental impacts. The findings also identify and confirms gender differences as suggested by previous literature. The findings from this research implies that majority of students are pro-globalization at the selected university. This could mean expansion and FDI in Chinese market would continue. This paper adds information regarding the attitude and perception of students with FDI prominent region.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v2n3a2