Conflicts Encourntered by Multinational Corporations in Cross-Cultural Communication and its Solutions
Ike Nnia Mba, Sr

With the continuous integration of the world economy and regional economy, many companies have become more and more aware of the potential of a multinational market – they can start or move branch offices or other parts of the organization across the globe, partly to seek new markets, and also to find cheaper workforce. This will create great opportunities for the expansion of the organization, and bring about a substantial increase of organizations, which will widen their geographical vista in future. However, there are many serious conflicts which may arise owing to the fact that there may be entirely different ways to run the companies and different opinions on how the employees should handle their work, especially the barriers between internal staff, hence cross-cultural communication conflicts. Therefore, it is pertinent to find solutions to the cross-cultural communication conflicts encountered by multinational corporations globally. This paper converse the major factors that can affect cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural communication conflicts in multinational corporations and cross-cultural management as a solution to crosscultural communication conflicts. The methodology of this paper is predominantly based on information derived from secondary sources. This paper recommended that multinational corporations should provide opportunities for their executives to move overseas to engage in cross-cultural communication

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v3n1a10