Business in a Difficult Institutional Environment: The Afghanistan Post-911 Reconstruction
Fahim Youssofzai, M. Sc., Ph. D

This paper explores the subject of Afghanistan’s post-911 reconstruction and business development efforts. It adopts a strategic management perspective, highlighting Afghanistan’s general context; which is broadly affected by foreign interventions, civil wars, extremism, and international terrorism. It argues that business opportunities in Afghanistan are huge, but they remain unexploited because of the ongoing instability in this country. The paper suggests that besides the strategic behavior of the involved firms and proactive help of the international community, more effective national governance is needed to promote a favorable business climate. Stability in Afghanistan, this paper also argues, is a necessary condition for the stability and prosperity of the Central and Southern Asia, and the Middle East. Through a systematic and strategic analysis with concrete propositions, this paper intends to fill the gap in this area.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v3n2a1