Macroeconomic Performance, Stability, and Sectoral Composition of Output Before and After AKP over the Post-Liberalization Era
Serhan Çiftçioğlu, Murad A. Bein

The paper primarily focuses on the comparative analysis of the performance and stability of Turkish economy over the post-AKP (Justice and Development Party) period (2003-2012) relative to pre-AKP period which is specified for two alternative time periods; (1980-2002) and (1989-2002) where 1980 and 1989 signify the years during which major structural reforms (in term of internal and external liberalization) were undertaken. We compute and compare the respective period averages and volatility measures of selected macroeconomic parameters (such as GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, savings, investment and etc.) for the post-AKP and pre AKP periods. We apply a similar comparative analysis to the sectoral composition of GDP (in terms of relative output share of traded goods) and stock of external debt using a framework based on ‘Dependent Economy’ model.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v4n1a4