Stock Market Liquidity and Firm Investment: Evidence from Vietnam
Doan Thanh Ha, Vo Xuan Vinh

It is interesting to explore whether corporate managers follow stock market signals when making corporate financial decisions. However, the literature concerning the relationship between stock market liquidity and corporate investment is still limited. This paper investigates the impact of stock liquidity on firm investment in the Vietnamese context, where stock market has grown at a significant pace in the recent years but the finance literature seems to ignore this small emerging economy. This relationship is tested in a panel of firms listed on the Vietnam Stock Market over an extended time period. We aim to achieve more robust estimation results by employing the econometric technique of GMM estimator for panel data analysis. Moreover, we use a number of indicators to proxy for firm investment including both the aggregated indicators and disaggregated indicators. Consistent with previous findings, we find that corporate managers use market liquidity as an input for firm investment decision. However, our results are different from previous findings of papers employing advanced countries data in the outcome that stock market liquidity affects different investment growth indicators differently. More importantly, these findings are fully explainable by the context of emerging markets.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v5n1a6