The Influence of Culture in International Leadership
Renato Lopes da Costa, Cláudia Sofia Morais Pereira, Leandro Pereira, Carlos Jerónimo

The numerous amount of studies that have been done through the years within the field of culture and, specifically organizational culture, says a lot regarding the important of the matter in organizations. Nowadays, it seems more and more important to demystify the concept of culture, so that organizations and its leaders, especially those operating worldwide, may take the most advantage possible from it, in order to have satisfied employees, satisfied managers and satisfied investors. The objective of this article is to help understanding, from theory to practice, what is culture is for an international organization, the importance of knowledge management and, lastly, the role of the leader as influencer of culture and transmitter of culture top-to-bottom.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v6n2a7