Factors affecting Solid Waste Recycling in Egypt
Eman Hashem

This paper illustrated the recycling efforts in Egypt. In this study, we addressed the main factors that affect the willingness to recycle in Egypt. The main source of information about waste generation and willingness to recycle (socioeconomic characteristics and attitudes of the respondents towards recycling) were from interviews with 306 respondents in Egypt. The results showed that the most important factors affecting the willingness to recycle were: education, household income and knowledge about recycling. The results also showed that there is a significant effect of government policy, government financial efforts and developing the waste collection system in waste recycling. Based on these results, the government should implement comprehensive program to improve recycling. The government should take the respondents’ willingness to recycle into consideration in order to improve waste management programs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v8n1a1