Economics and Security: The Paradigm (R)evolution

(R)evolution of security paradigm has been driven by technological changes. Technological impact on security has had the quite similar influence pattern throughout the history. Respective pattern can be equalized with the Kuhn’s idea of the scientific revolution. Technological changes impact economy, security, and society. Inability to adequately respond to the changes usually lead towards paradigm changes. Security and economic security are not exceptions at all. They evolve and change creating the new security paradigm. Papers focuses on different security impacts including individual(s) security concept. Moreover, it is attempting to provide correlation rationale of corporate security, individual(s)security, economic security as well as overall security. Novel economic security paradigm is related to the technological advancements and changes such are cyber and artificial intelligence. Potential new arms race is one of the changed paradigm outcomes. And if it fully happens and further develops it will have significant security and economic impact. In overall respective means that technological changes also (re)shapes individual(s) security within the new paradigm. Besides aforementioned, the future of security is also changing. Quite important question is related to Goethe’s paradigm and dilemma was he right and whether “technology will not save us”. Evolved paradigm(s) might.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jibe.v9n1a1